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United States
Favourite genre of music: Techno,alternative,classical, Showtunes, J-Pop, J-Rock, K-Pop, Suggestions? I'm not all that pi
Favourite cartoon character: DONT LET ME START!!!
Personal Quote: No one can create your happiness, you have to do that yourself.
  • Listening to: Some of my brother's music compositions
  • Reading: Howl's Moving Castle
  • Watching: Video game playing~
  • Playing: With my itouch
  • Eating: The pizza my brother decided to make
  • Drinking: Water
- Available: Yes, I am.
- Age: 21
- Annoyance: Hypocrisy.
- Animal: Octopus, Jellyfish, Bunny Rabbit!

- Beer: I've had it, but I'd rather not drink it.
- Birthday: 06/28/1990
- Best friends: Jess, Seph, Rin, Cass, Petra, Alissa, Alyssa. :)
- Body part on opposite sex: Hands; they tell the stories your words cannot tell.
- Best feeling in the world: Dancing, and singing at the top of your lungs to your faveorite song full blast when youre sad.
- Best weather: Clear blue sky with a slight delta wind in the Fall.
- Been in love: I have been, and it was returned, but it almost killed me. There is another love though, and it is healing and good. :)
- Been on stage?: It's the most invigorating and fulfilling experience. It is there I can be myself and no one sees me as strange.
- Believe in magic: Every day is magic.
- Believe in God: All my life. He is my single consistency.
- Believe in Santa: The idea of Santa, yes.

- Colour: yellow/white/pink <3
- Chocolate/Vanilla: Vanilla~
- Chinese/Mexican: Both!
- Cake or pie: Cake. :3
- Continent/Country to visit: France, Asia, Italy, Germany, UK
- Cheese: marble~

- Day or night: Both are beautiful, day for it's truth, and night for it's ability to change the world from that truth.
- Dance in the rain?: Always.

- Eggs: Omelet!!
- Eyes: Hazel Green (Seph, Brown is beautiful!)
- Everyone's got a(n): Past.
- Ever failed a class?: TOO MANY.

- Full name: Bethany LaRue Morgan
- Food: I LOVE FOOD. >U<

- Greatest fear: Isolation. Loneliness, basically.
- Goals: To be happy.
- Gum: ...I want that nummy Japanese kind~
- Get along with your parents?: Mom: barely. Dad: also barely.
- Good luck charm: I have cell phone charms.  They're kinda like good luck charms.

- Hair Color: Naturally brunette, but it is currently auburn. I plan on redoing it today. :3
- Height: 5'6"...I'm one of the SHORTEST people in my family...All my younger brothers are taller than I am. >:
- Happy: Usually. :)
- Holiday:HOLLOWEEN!!
- How do you want to die: How about as an old woman in a white bed listening to quiet music with a smile on my face.

- Ice cream: Choco-Chip Cookie dough and strawberry.
- Instrument: Sing,Guitar,Piano,recorder?lol

- Jewelry: Well, I wear a spoon pinky ring on my left hand, and a golden crown on my left ring finger, and a silver infinity heart on my right ring finger. All presents, save for the crown. That was a present to myself to remind myself that I am the queen of my own destiny.
- Job: Student~

- Kids: Someday I shall have them. :)
- Kickboxing or karate: BOOOTH! LOL
- Keep a journal?: Not here, but I have two Tumblrs. One is my main blog, and the other is a blog where I write letters.

- Longest car ride: 48 hours
- Love: Everyone, but I don't have to LIKE everyone.
- Letter: I write at least one a dat. :)
- Laughed so hard you cried: I do that just about every day!

- Milk flavour: Strawberry!
- Movies: Gladiator,Braveheart,Kingdom of Hevean,August Rush,Star Trek, Eat Pray Love, and tons more. X3
- Motion sickness?: Not usually. Sometimes in the car.
- McD's or BK: Ewww...but McD's is better.

- Number of siblings: One older half brother, three younger full brothers, and one younger half brother, a step brother and a step sister.
- Number of piercings: one in each ear.
- Number: 6 is my fave

- One wish: I have so many wishes every day, because they come true.

- Perfect pizza: I can eat.
- Pepsi/Coke: neither >< Carbonation kills my throat.

- Quail: OHHH! Pretty! ...and it tastes good too. ;3

- Reason to cry: Because you are human.
- Reality T.V.: America's Next Top Model.
- Radio station: Sunny 102.3
- Roll your tongue in a circle?: I can do... lots of things with my tongue, that being one of them. XD
- Ring size: 9

- Song: Big Bang - Love Song
- Shoe size: 8-9, depending on the shoe
- Salad dressing: Italian
- Sushi: AWESOME!
- Slept outside: If I could do it every night, I would.
- Skinny dipped?: Many chances to, but never have... yet.
- Shower daily?: Yes.  
- Sing well?: It's my major in college. :)
- In the shower?: ALWAYS!
- Swear?: It happens.
- Strawberries/Blueberries: STRAWBERRIES ARE MY FAVE! If you know me AT ALL, you know this.

- Time for bed: when I feel safe.
- Thunderstorms: ...I'm scared of them. I need a cuddle or a blankie, usually. I often times get made fun of for this. x3;

- Unpredictable: Spontanious is the word, thank you.

- Vacation spot: Any place I can sleep for a full eight hours. XD

- Weakness: I have them, but then again life is here to help you work through them. My weaknesses don't defeat me.
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I have so many, but if one was to ACT like me it would have to, no one. XD
- Who makes you laugh the most: My brother, Cassidy, but I usually laugh at myself, more than anything else.
- Worst feeling: The night I tried to kill myself.
- Wanted to be a model?: ...secretly. >:
- Where do we go when we die?: Well...I believe we all go to hevean.  Everyone.
- Worst weather?: Cold. >': I get cold super super SUPER easily!

- X-Rays: I have some of my wisdom teeth. They are impacted. :D
- Exes: I have two.

- Year it is now: 2011.
- Yellow: Sunflowers... they're my favorite.

- Zoo animal: are fun to look at. X3


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